Gauntlet Revived: Reworking a Classic

Just saw this trailer for the reboot of the arcade original, and it’s well done. It shows how the gameplay echoes the original, and even more importantly, it’s humorous. I like how the arrowshot at the beginning draws you through the story it’s telling. The new game can be found on Steam.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Can You Write for a Living? And Job Listings

Writing for a Living: Fact or Fiction? In my writing group, I’m know for being fairly unproductive. In fact, my fellow writers tend to mock me with good reason for my sluggishness. I read their work and keep up with critiques, but there have been months-long and perhaps even years-long hiatuses in my own production […]

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E.T. Has Been Exhumed

Did you guys hear that E.T. the Extraterrestrial, specifically the one made for the Atari 2600 console, has been dug up from its subterranean grave? For those of you unaware of the legend, in 1983, Atari released this gawdawful game and had literally millions of unsold cartridges. They buried something in New Mexico, and some speculated that […]

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I For One Welcome Our New Tolkien-Savvy Late Night Overlord, Stephen Colbert

All Hail Stephen Colbert, Tolkien Overlord Stephen Colbert is a walking, talking Tolkien robo-freak? Who knew? I mean, he is the epitome of the talented, charming uber-nerd, but I for one had no idea his credentials were quite so authentic. Colbert turns out to have major Tolkien cred, although sadly his secret supergeek origin story is […]

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide Game is Back

The BBC have kindly revived the classic Infocom text adventure game version of Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” for its 30th anniversary. The Hitchhiker’s Guide webgame can be played in your browser for free… and the spiffy web version comes with wireframe graphics, sound effects, and some preset buttons for navigation and […]

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Bioshock Co-Founder Calls It Quits

Surprisingly, Irrational Games’ co-founder Ken Levine recently announced that he’s shutting down that studio. This means that future Bioshock games will almost certainly have much less of his handiwork. He did also say that he will start a new studio under publisher Take-Two that will focus on smaller, digital-distribution games. The new studio will only […]

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Free Football Videogame for Texas Gamers

Free football videogame? No joke! It’s Superbowl time, and that means Texas’ Game Over Videogames, a game store that specializes in vintage and retro games (but also sells current games), is having their annual football game giveaway. This Saturday and Sunday, gamers can visit one of their locations for a free football videogame as long […]

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Man Walks Miles in the Snow to Honor Qbert

See this fellow? He walks miles in deep snow, for hours, for a noble cause. To honor the arcade game Qbert. Here’s what that snow art looks like: I can hear Qbert jumping from cube to cube right now! Spoing spoing! Okay, maybe it isn’t actually Qbert-themed. Simon Beck is our snow artist and apparently […]

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Did My Sister Design the 3DO Logo… At Age 4?

As some of you know, the late great 3DO was one of the game developers where I’ve hung my hat. Good stories, great people, late nights, inevitable collapse, the usual game industry situation. Anyhow, appropos of nothing, my sister brought a little item to Christmas a few weeks ago — a bookmark made in the […]

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Remembering Rocket Jockey

Rocket Jockey, the Myth, the Legend Rocket Jockey was the first and arguably the best published game I worked on. Published in 1996 to very little notice, RJ was well-received by videogame critics who happened to notice it. And it was worthy of notice, although I should note that the bulk of the credit goes […]