Want a PS3?

want a ps3

PS3 Photo

Tower of Sony Playstation 3 computing power, anyone?

Suggested Use

I hear that Kim Jong-il has networked five thousand of these together to plot trajectories for a new Earth-to-Jupiter interplanetary expedition. They are looking for mutant ladies of the night.

Now Really

And no, commenting on this post will NOT win you a free PS3. I just thought you folks might enjoy seeing this excess. My old roomie bought them as prizes for long-term participants in a University of Texas Austin research study. She says it caused a few raised eyebrows at the checkout at Fry’s Electronics.


Can You Be-Gleeve It?

The Gleeve: Frog’s New Power Glove

So Frog Design has a new unstructured-play concept called the Gleeve. Cool concept that lends itself to horrible blog puns and nightmares of Nintendo’s abortive power glove.

I think it has potential, although the description does seem a little light on details. I’m not about to criticize a simple introductory post for lack of structure, but I do want to plant a suggestion in the Froggies’ heads — a little structure can be a good thing.

It might be premature to proclaim the complete death of imagination. I’m sure there are kids right now, sitting in an empty lot or on a baseball diamond, making up their own games as I type with nothing but enthusiasm and body language. However, attention spans are short and a blank canvas can be as intimidating as prison bars.

If I were in the Frog’s shoes, I’d package that product with a few addictive, premade games that have prominent tunable characteristics or several radically different rulesets that invite experimentation.

Or better yet, I’d hire a game writer/game designer to make those games. :)

I also found this diagram in the Fast Company announcement quite thought-provoking, although I don’t know if I’d rank the Sims as more open than a mod. Click to see the full size image.