One of the Best MMORPG Info Sites

mmorpgFinding the Best MMORPG

Are you too time-constrained to figure out the best MMORPG for your gaming happiness? The Game Writer Central crew is sending a shout-out to, a very useful and noteworthy resource. Even figuring out the basics of MMORPG play can be a huge timesink. Who wants to wade through all the marketing fluff — or worse yet, subscribe and invest gameplay time in an MMORPG that turns you off?

That’s where WhatMMORPG shines. Just click on the genre you like, and you’ll see all the basics presented in a simple chart. Date of inception, cost, grinding level (!!!), uniqueness, usability, PVP, crafting, and customizing, all laid out easy-peasy.

Grinding level, talk about a timesaver. This is a valuable service, my gamerz.


Free Videogames at Game Over Videogames

free videogamesFree Videogame Deal This Weekend

Texas’ own Game Over Videogames — a great resource for any gamer, especially anyone who loves vintage games — is having a remarkable free videogame deal on football games of all eras this coming weekend. If you live in Austin, Sunset Valley, Round Rock, or San Antonio, find your local Game Over Videogames and head on out!

Here’s the deal: for Super Bowl Weekend, Game Over Videogames is giving away football games that are priced $4.99 and lower. (“Which is practically ALL of them!” says the announcement.) All you need is this coupon. No purchase required.

Game Inventory at Game Over Videogames

Our hard-working videogame writer drones took a quick spin through Game Over Videogames’ online catalog reveals Madden 08 and Madden 06 for Xbox 360, both priced at $4.99, but no PS3 titles. And of course, Game Over Videogames has some of your old-school faves like Madden for SNES, NFL QB Club for SNES, and NFL Blitz for the PS1, all in the coupon happy zone.

Not bad. Check it out if you feel so inclined, game writer fans.