The Walking Dead: Walking Away

walking deadThe Walking Dead is a popular show among videogame junkies and gamers after growing a huge audience quickly for AMC. It logged 8.1 million viewers in season two to take the title of “most-watched basic cable drama telecast in history.” A few quick notes about the way the show is evolving:

I haven’t watched the season finale, but the show’s writers are quickly losing my confidence.

I agree with Entertainment Weekly‘s Ken Tucker: the whole farm plotline has been a holding pattern, during which the characters got more neurotic, illogical, fractious, and annoying. It’s like watching reality TV.

Shane was a human last season; he was reduced to an animal this season and his constant bloodthirst and envy was almost self-satire. And Dale was one of the more likeable characters, but now he’s out of the picture. Andrea strikes me as a immoral mess with ridiculous action hero aspirations. Glenn started out smart and capable (remember the tank?) but has devolved into a wide-eyed sideshow, while Daryl, after having an overlong tangential backwoods adventure, is simply an abrasive freakshow. Carl is turning into Chucky the devil doll. Other characters like T-Dog and Carol are flat and underused. You could have a T-Dog drinking game where you drink every time there’s a scene that he doesn’t appear in. It’s truly sad to see a series with such potential disintegrating before our eyes.

These characters are wont to do anything at anytime, but there’s no consistency so viewers are simply forced to conclude that they’re all insane. And indeed that’s where I’m headed.