Game Writer Roundup: Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm Isn’t Brainless – Surprise!

game-writer-roundup-bulletstormYour game writer tip today is to check out Bulletstorm — not much press coverage, but a really tight little action shooter with finely tuned gameplay, good characters, unique weapons, funny action segments (including one where you get to drive a giant mechanical dino through a level and smash the attitude outta the bad guys), and a slick stylish storyline. The level design on this thing is quite delicious.

It’s nice to see a game take some risks, and Bulletstorm definitely does that. It’s a new property and new protagonist. The game introduces both a leash that you use to yank around enemies, objects, and explosives, plus a kick that engages a bit of a bullet-time effect that can be used to juggle enemies and create extra carnage. Last but not least, the game introduces a system that rewards you for stylish and/or outlandish kills; thus the moniker “Kill with Skill.” The conceit is that the planet was once set up as training ground for elite troopers, and those systems are now rewarding you with addictive weapon upgrades and teasing you with kill objectives.

The slogan “Kill with Skill” was a bit of a turnoff for me, actually. I’m not big on gore. If a game advertises itself as “over the top” or “in your face,” I’m not interested. Games that spray the screen with blood annoy me because I’m trying to excel, not revel in violence. But Bulletstorm hits that sweet spot of brash action and neurotically-tuned gaming mechanics.

Bulletstorm’s short but has some cool online multiplayer options too. I never was entirely sure how much Cliff Bleszinski really contributed when he first hit the scene — I like Unreal but Gears of War is not one of my favorite shooters — but as design director for Epic, he surely was behind some of the refreshing zing in Bulletstorm. Nice job, guys. Best, most addictive shooter I’ve played in a loooong time.

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Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza Makes Gamers Happy

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Experiment a Huge Success

Take ‘n’ bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s has always been close to my heart — I used to feast on it when I lived in Northern California, back when I worked at Rocket Science and 3DO. So when Papa Murphy’s approached me to ask if I’d be willing to throw a videogaming pizza party and write about it, well, heck yeah!

Videogaming and Pizza, BFFs 4EVR

If you haven’t tried Papa Murphy’s pizza, you should enlighten yourself. Papa Murphy’s does “take ‘n’ bake” pizzas, which means you pick up your freshly-made pizza from the store, made just like you like it, and bake it at home when you’re ready to eat. Why, you ask?

  • It’s fresh, not that cardboard pizza that you get in a supermarket freezer.
  • Since Papa Murphy’s doesn’t have to bake the pizza, it’s inexpensive.
  • You can add your own toppings at home.
  • The pizza’s ready when you want, not when the queue clears at the pizza restaurant.
  • It’s quality pizza.
Fred and DK illustrate a cooperative technique with the Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza.

Vegetarians, Don’t Arrive Late

In the Game Writer Central pizza experiment, Papa Murphy’s pizzas were a huge hit, garnering multiple spontaneous comments about the delicious and hearty offerings. We baked up the Gourmet Vegetarian pizza first, and even the carnivores ripped into it with gusto, leaving a few late-arriving vegetarians with some envious feelings.

Blake models the latest in vegetarian pizza stylings.

A Pizza My Heart

As for the games, we started out with Motorstorm, moved on to Wipeout HD, switched to a bit of four-player Little Big Planet, and wrapped up with a solid dose of Rock Band. A good time was had by all.

Thanks, Papa Murphy’s!