Bing Wants You To Eat a Motsu Pod

motsu-podAs some of you know, I do a fair amount of work in the world of Local SEO or “LSO”. That is, I help clients optimize their data so that they appear in map search engines for phrases like “Detroit florist.”

Today I was greatly amused by some of the categories Bing provided for businesses to self-categorize. (For you LSO geeks out there: they now accept a bulk feed, by the way.) You may not know what a motsu pod is, much less have a yearning to sink your teeth into one. Google doesn’t know what it is, and neither does Wikipedia. However, if you have a motsu pod restaurant, Bing has a business category just for you.

Here are some other categories that you could dominate on Bing:

  • Shabu shabu restaurant
  • Oden restaurant
  • Ship restaurant (is this a restaurant on a ship? a restaurant shaped like a boat? an obscure cuisine? or just a restaurant that serves planks and rigging?)
  • Andhra restaurant
  • Beef tongue restaurant.

Don’t get me wrong — I do enjoy beef tongue. It’s probably my second-favorite choice at the local burrito place. But have you ever seen a restaurant that specializes in beef tongue? What would such a restaurant be called? Cow Tongue Muscle Garden? The Cattle Lick? Bessie’s Busses?


Back Up Wordpress to Google Drive? Careful!

back up wordpress to google drive

Just a quick little rant about backing up your Wordpress blog to Google Drive.

I love this idea, but at the moment it’s an example of why you can’t always trust what you read in a quick Google search. Dig deeper, my geeks.

There are two Wordpress plugins that you’ll see scattered around in the top search results for this topic: Google Drive for Wordpress and the simplistically-named Backup. However, look a little closer at those pages on that describe the plugins.

Users rated GD4WP as a 3.6 out of 5, which is by no means stellar. 0 out of 1 of the most recent support threads have been address, and if you visit the support forum, you’ll see that most of the posters are angry or confused users posting responses to other angry or confused users. Backup is even worse, rated a 3.4 with a brutal 0 out of 5 support threads resolved.

I, for one, am about to install the much-less-touted UpdraftPlus Backup, which I found simply by searching plugins for “google drive” and ignoring unrelated plugins and the other two plugins mentioned here. I’m optimistic; it’s rated a 4.7, 60 out of 64 support threads have been resolved lately, and it’s got tons more downloads than the other two. If you guys want an update in a few weeks, let me know in the comments.