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castle-clashCastle Clash Players, Welcome!

This is the official page for the GrayThieves Guild in Castle Clash (Android). Here is the quick summary:

  • We usually beat the level 3 boss in about 3 minutes. We only fight that boss (aka T3) now.
  • Please read our boss fight strategy guide and our torch battle page so you do the most possible damage.
  • Our daily boss fight schedule is:
    • MTThF and Sun at 22:00 server time (10p NYC time, 3a UTC/GMT). Check this timezone converter to figure out what time this is for you.
    • SATURDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS at 21:00 server time (9p NYC time, 2a GMT/UTC). It’s tough to find a time that works for most members. :(
  • Our Torch Battles are WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS at 20:45 server time, just before the Sun/Wed boss fights.
  • We ask that you donate 35 shards/month right now to fund our growth, while many guilds charge 100+ shards/week! Those shards aren’t lost, either – they become guild credits that you can use to buy flags and skip the cooldown after a boss fight round.
  • If you participate in a boss fight, we also expect you to throw in 20-100 shards depending on how strong you are. If you are a top player and you score the #1 slot, you’ll earn plenty of HBs and we expect you to kick in about 100 shards to help pay for the boss fight. Of course, if you’re hard up, you can make it up the next time.
  • We have flags! Get one or 3 in the Guild Hall under Flag. Gives you a 15% boost to gold and mana you earn on a raid. Use it like magic.
  • Need shards, gold, mana, XP, gems, heroes? Want to know how to design your base? See below.
  • We have a new Facebook page!
  • These members are at risk for expulsion (not playing regularly, don’t show up for boss fights, and/or have not donated their share of shards after 30 days of membership) and should contact me: no one at the moment.

Boss Fights

We are CONSISTENTLY beating the boss. Boss fights yield HBs if you participate, and they don’t cost you anything personally. Here’s our strategy on how to beat the Castle Clash boss fight. Shard donations power the guild, but we don’t want this guild to be expensive.

Here Be Monsters

It’s much easier now to earn shards with the “Here Be Monsters” minigame. Click on the swirling blue portal (above and left of your base) to start. This sends five waves of computer raiders at your base, and you earn a  lot of XP (about 2x a typical raid, 2.5x a typical hard dungeon) and gold for each wave you survive. Like Arena, your heroes can be dead from a raid and still participate in HBM. Don’t worry, they don’t actually take resources and the only damage done if you get wiped is that you have to rebuild your army. Even heroes garrisoned in your towers get an equal share of XP from these battles. However, if your tower heroes are capped (can’t earn XP because they haven’t been upgraded), then consider pulling them out of your towers before starting the challenge because they will drain XP from the heroes who could use the XP.


Flags are cool and we plan on ALWAYS having them available. Originally flags were 4x more expensive. Now it’s one flag per guild credit (you get one credit per shard you donate). A flag per shard is not bad; one Riches I flag would earn you an extra 15,000 gold and 15,000 mana on a raid that otherwise would net 150,000 of each. There is currently a Riches flag hoard in the Guild so get one or three! (Click FLAG and then the “1$” button. If you have upgraded your guild hall, you can buy and store several.) Riches flags work like spells; just select it and click anywhere on the ground during a raid to get a 10% gold and mana bonus on your winnings. Just make sure you get some winnings during that raid. Apparently IGG is working on a “Troop Talent” guild benefit, so stay tuned for that.

We shall grow in number, our steel and our spells a song of doom across the lands. GrayThieves shall be known from sea to mountaintop as remorseless juggernauts whose path behind them is scorched earth. We shall massacre, conquer, and utterly destroy all who oppose us, until the very name GrayThieves lives in whispers of legends. And we’ll also be friendly and helpful to those who don’t oppose us, ‘cuz mean people suck.

Tips and Advice

Some quick advice:

  1. Don’t spend HBs on anything except leveling up heroes.
  2. Don’t spend gems on anything except getting new heroes. This gives a decent chance at getting legendary heroes (although I’ve never scored one).
  3. Primarily attack “blue tower” dungeons so you earn shards. Use shards to purchase legendary heroes. I like to attack weaker dungeons with heroes only so I don’t lose any time training new troops.
  4. Heroes are compared on this Wikia page, which has stats at the bottom.
  5. Get a druid as soon as you can. He’s a real difference-maker on raids and in the arena.
  6. To keep your might low, consider not leveling up vaults and mana mills. Instead level up your bases, heroes, troop types, and magic. If you have lower might, you are matched against weaker foes on raids… and weaker foes will arrive to attack you. Drakilla notes that this means you won’t be as successful with Here Be Monsters, and of course you’ll get fewer benefits from the Might rankings (click on your might at the top left to see them).
  7. Like Arena, your heroes don’t need to be alive to defend in HBM or fight in the boss fight.
  8. You MAY be able to play on a PC using BlueStacks, a free Android emulator (search for it). Chatting and signing up for the “free gems” offers (if you do that) is a lot easier with a full keyboard but IGG has been rumbling about blocking emulator play.
  9. I’m currently using a 50-50 mix of dragons and shotgunners for raiding, with a handful of mechas (for wallbusting). 90% griffins is tempting because they can fly in and take out vaults, but it makes you vulnerable to archer-based raiders. How about you? Comment below.
  10. If you have excess gold you want to bank out of the grasp of raiding players, buy flag decorations at 200K each, and sell them when you need gold for 100K each.
  11. If you have excess mana you can also try to overqueue your army camps. Add tons of dragons to your queue. Works better if you already have a few troops built. You can stash a few extra thousand mana out of reach. I just went to a full camp and added 10 dragons to the queue. It charged me 67000 mana that will be out of reach of the raiders and I can cancel those troops to get the mana back.
  12. I have a theory that the players you attack in Arena are the ones you see most. Don’t attack Arena foes with legendary hero avatars unless you want to see them often. And you probably don’t because they’re usually stronger. Pick the guy with the Angel or Cyclops avatar because he’s less likely to have Legendary heroes.
  13. Keep a list of Arena foes and their formations so you can beat them without having to launch an exploratory attack that may or not succeed… and know what your chances are going in.
  14. You earn HBs in Arena faster by having high rank, but it’s even faster if you are constantly winning Arena battles. I usually use my first 3 Arena chances on low-ranking foes, and the last 2 on getting the highest rank possible.
  15. Sometimes you can get into a “bad neighborhood” in Arena where all five of your potential foes are way too strong. If that happens to you, consider making your Arena defense temporarily weaker so you get defeated by weaker opponents and moved to a weaker neighborhood where you can pick up some quick HBs.
  16. All heroes deployed in a dungeon split the XP equally (I checked), even if they are deployed late and never attack at all. Popping a weak new hero into a high-level battle is a good way to raise up her strength quickly. Troops do not affect XP earning. Healers like the druid and angel can defeat some levels solo so they can be quite easy to level up fast.
  17. How much gold and mana do you earn in a raid? 25% of the actual value if you find your target randomly… and a mere 5% if you find them through the player rankings (trophy cup icon, bottom right).

Please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Sadly there are a few players who are on the bubble for expulsion because they don’t play the game much, haul torches in torch battles when they shouldn’t, or haven’t donated after months of membership. In general these players have not communicated with me and have never showed for a boss fight. We do get other applicants and we prefer active members. We do require new members to install the app LINE and connect with us there so we can message the guild membership easily.

* aka Castle Clash server time, displayed above the gem count, top right corner

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  1. First of all: nice website and lovely guide, but I have some remarks:

    1) it doesn’t matter if you buy 1 hero or 3 heroes at once (with gems), same chance to get legendarys.
    2) keeping your might low isn’t that smart anymore with the ‘here be monsters’ update. It really pays off to have a strong defense. Gives lots of exp and shards. (I first didn’t care about def either, but now I’m building a strong defense for the easy exp and shards :D)
    3) What I prefer for raiding, at higher lvl, is a few ornithopters and the rest dragons. Certainly when you use frenzy, they are unstoppable :)
    But to use this setup, it is recommended that you have them at lvl 5
    I’m using the archers right now, since they are stronger def and train faster, but later on I’ll switch to mages aswell

    And about the boss fight: you don’t need a ‘bait hero’
    Just spawn your strongest/tanky hero first, like a paladin/wherewolf and then immediatly spawn the others. Find out how many hits he can take, and end the battle right before he would die. Then keep repeating it during the 30min. That way, your heroes hit a few times without dieing, so you can keep using them.

    A hero with revive might hold longer, just try a few combinations and see what hits the most :)

    (btw, only the top 9 gets more then 500 HB)

    Try to participate at the boss event, even if you have low/weak heroes, you can still do a lot dmg if you use this ‘hit and run’ strategy. (and really, it’s rather easy if you have many(+-15) players online.)

  2. Thanks Drakilla! Good points too esp #2. I hadn’t really paid attention but Here Be Monsters does yield about 2x more XP than a good raid, great for hero growth.

    As for the bait hero, sure, whatever works for you :) I don’t think my werewolf can take more than one hit, tho. So my advice is to run away too soon rather than too late. Of course, at the end of the fight as time is running down, leave your team in to see what they can do.

  3. Thanks for the info.
    The article about smurf accounts has a great video by sandseven. Which helped out a lot.

    Shadow Consortium put out some great info too

  4. I was wondering if we have some kind of bulletin board or something to ask questions/ for help?

    I need some help with my defense for here be monsters.. sadly I can only get past A, I choke at B-1 I have good the lowest level heroes I have out are a level 52 snowzilla and 52 samurai…

    could someone take a look at my set up? maybe I need to bring my barracks and towers closer together?

    Any help would be appreciated!


  5. Thanks h9! My username is dysc. Feel free to say hi anytime.
    @ Mi35: Yeah I think I’m gonna set up a Facebook page for the guild. Your heroes sound pretty decent. Looking at your base, I’d recommend only walling around your essentials (towers, gold vaults, and heroes). Use other buildings as bait to slow down HBMers. Design the base so attackers see the towers in the walled area first and have to walk past top defenders to get to them. Take a look at our base design page for more tips.

  6. I would like to join your guild. And am an active player. Let me know if there is space.

    I can donate the shards, np.

  7. Hello, i’m just wondering what is your guild name because I have searched the following : “GrayThieves” “Zee GrayThieves” “GrayThieves guild” yet I have no luck. Can you please tell me the guild or tell me what place you are in might or shards. Ty

  8. Greetings, sorry to intrude, I’m not a part of your guild, I just stumbled across your site I just want to clarify a few things and give my input.

    1) Walls DO NOT contribute to might at all.

    2) Regarding troops not affecting the amount of EXP earned in HBM, do you have any evidence to suggest this? I’ve noticed that if I attempt HBM with troops lying around, I get gold and mana more than EXP, but if I attempt HBM with heroes only, I get EXP in every wave.

    3) Regarding raiding, personally I feel uncomfortable using 50% of this troop, 30% of that troop and 20% of another troop. My strategy is to use 100% griffins, but target bases which the griffins are suited for attacking e.g. (Target has more than 50% ground troops, target has 3/4 canon towers, or 2/3 canon towers etc). The only magic I use is Restoration and Guardian angels when I bring my heroes in. I raid 20-30 bases a day. And 95% will be a 100% victory, the other 5% is because I got disconnected :P

  9. Hey Nazeer!
    These are some great thoughts. 1) Walls used to contribute directly to might – when you upgraded a wall you’d see your might tick up by +1 immediately. Very well could be that is no longer a factor at all. I know the tick-up no longer happens immediately. 2) I calculated this by checking the amount of XP earned by one hero in HBM and comparing it with the total XP earned for that HBM. I had troops out, and the hero earned exactly the expected fraction of XP for that HBM. I tried HBM with no troops and I think you are right — your chance of XP goes up greatly (altho not to 100%) when you have no troops. Very interesting. 3) That sounds like a prime strategy, and I’ve used a similar strategy at times, but I generally like to have a few ground troops to open up opportunities for my heroes. I’ll have to try that too, esp since castles are getting tougher as I get stronger.

  10. Hi

    Nice Guide, I would like to join your Guild. I have 7000 might and I am an active player.

    I can donate shards also.


  11. Just a quick 1great page. Walls no longer raise your might they haven’t since the christmas update

  12. Thanks for the nice guides!

    I want to join your guild, and applied in game. Not sure it worked though. My might is just over 12k and I’m pretty active. Is there something else I need to do?


  13. If you’re still accepting new members to the guild i’d like to join. might 19k+ shard donation no problem

  14. Hello I joined the some days ago and just two days ago I got my replacement phone so I had to download castle clash again. I’ve been trying to switch back to my original account but the server keeps freezing so I just wanted to tell you that I’m not ignoring the game just trying to get back on. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  15. You should incorporate sharing with guild members so you can share heroes and jen and stuff like that to help the weaker guild members get stronger

  16. We do share resources by having other members raid our bases when we need a “shield” from other attackers. The game nerfs resource sharing, though, because you only get a fraction of the resources when you find your target through the player rankings.

  17. I have about 12000 might and i see that you have some members with mights a lot lower than mine. Could I join?

  18. Hi guys i would like to join your guild.
    I got 45000 might but i got some insane heros.
    Such as destroyer and chief, michael and heartbreaker.
    I got line app also.
    Please contact me.
    Kind regards

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