Castle Clash Boss Fight Strategy

Our Boss Fight Strategy

Want to beat the boss in Castle Clash’s guild boss fight? Here’s how.

Even if your heroes are very weak, we want everybody fighting together to beat the boss. It doesn’t cost you anything to fight (personally) although it does cost the guild some credits to start the fight. And you earn HBs just for participating, and more HBs when you do a lot of damage and when your guild wins (aka ALWAYS ha ha!).

First, it looks like you’re fighting ALONE against THE HUGE BOSS. That’s NOT TRUE, or at least not the alone part. Every bit of damage you do counts toward the guild’s total. When the round is done, the damage you did still counts, and you can re-enter the event again with no penalties. All your heroes will be at full health even if they died in the round.

  1. You probably want a bait hero who can absorb lots of damage while your other heroes are attacking.
  2. You don’t need a bait hero if your heroes can stun the boss hard and fast (i.e., champ, executioner, thunder god, imhotep, dryad, minotaur). Even if you do use a bait hero, stunning is the name of the game. You’re probably better off using an executioner than a ninja, for example. Accelerators (pumpkin duke, cupid) are very valuable too, partly because they speed up the rate of your stunners.
  3. Quick-starting stunners are great for getting the boss incapacitated before he has a chance to wipe your team out. Quick-start talents include revitalize and berserk, and of course the heavy blow talent can turn a standard hero into a stunner who doesn’t need to proc to get a stun.
  4. Especially for the T3 boss (tier 3), you want a druid on your team, both for the healing and the attack buff. The T3 boss does a lot of damage to all attackers.
  5. You probably have five hero bases. These determine who’ll appear in the boss fight. Put your bait hero into one of those five bases. Your strongest four heroes should be in the others.
  6. Check the guild chat before the fight to see if there’s any other breaking news. Get pumped!
  7. When the fight starts, go to Guild Hall > Event and join the fight. This doesn’t cost you anything.
  8. You’ll see a big room with one giant boss in it. You won’t ever see anybody else’s heroes; just yours. But we’re all fighting the same boss in different rooms.
  9. Select your bait hero and spawn it behind or to the side of the boss and outside of his range. You’ll get the hang of it.
  10. As soon as the boss spots the bait hero, he’ll turn and advance. Spawn your other four heroes rapidly right behind the boss. This will allow your melee heroes to get in a few smacks. Just don’t put them in too soon or he’ll smash them instead of the bait hero.
  11. When the boss starts to damage your heroes (usually immediately), click the white wreath magic icon at the bottom left to trigger invulnerability magic. For many players this allows the heroes to get their stuns and heals going.
  12. As soon as the magic cooldown is over, trigger the other attack-enhancing magic icon so you get as much juice out of it as possible.
  13. Watch as the boss rips up your team. Noooooo! But you’re grinding him down too.
  14. Get back to the battle at Guild Hall > Event. There’ll be a short cooldown before you can get in again, but you can skip it by spending a few guild credits. Start again from Step 8. Keep at it… you can see the progress we’re making in the boss’ health bar.
  15. Previously, if you did a ton of damage to the boss and your guild polished him off while you were still inflicting your massive series of hits, you would get no credit for that damage and thus your rank in the final tally would not include the damage from that round. IGG has changed that so you will get credit for such post-mortem efforts.

Remember, if we win the battle, everybody gets extra HBs. We haven’t lost a fight in months :)

Picking the Best Heroes for a Castle Clash Boss Fight

There are certain attributes you want for your four besties (the non-bait heroes) and they may be different than what you use for raids and arena.

Here are my guidelines, in order of priority:

  1. Stun and lots of it. The champion is essential.
  2. Druid. See above.
  3. The Heavy Blow talent. Heavy Blow is a huge boon — it does work on the boss and often you can get the boss stunned before any of your other heroes get close to “proccing” (aka using their primary skill). IMHO if you have a strong Heavy Blow talent (say, 4/5 or 5/5) on a weak hero, she might be a better non-bait hero than a much higher-level masher.
  4. A good Succubus not only does tons of damage (although it’s apparently capped at 35000 HP per proc) but she also reduces his attack by 15 to 41%. That attack reduction is pretty significant to the longevity of your team. The Shaman also debuffs the boss’ attack by 25 to 60% so a shaman-succubus team might be worth trying.
  5. High damage over time. You’d rather have a level 70 assassin than a level 90 werewolf; the assassin attacks faster and does more damage per hit. Snowzilla, imhotep, succubus, ninja, spirit mage, grizzly reaper, thunder god, assassin, et cetera.
  6. Durability. It’s nice to have non-bait heroes who can take a hit, because the goal is to keep all your damage-dealers in the boss fight as long as possible.

The Different Levels of Castle Clash Bosses

You may not have realized that you can scroll the bosses in the Event window of the Guild Hall to choose either the level one, level two, or level three boss fight. Here’s what it looks like:


Pepsicolla has determined that the level 1 Castle Clash boss has 24 million hit points, the level 2 boss has 80 (!), and the level 3 has 120.

The Second Castle Clash Boss (and Third)

The second boss does about the same damage with his standard attack, while the third does twice the damage.

The biggest difference between the second boss and the first is the boss’ AOE attack. For the first boss, it basically can only strike the target hero. For the second boss, it strikes all the heroes on the board for about 10,000 HP of damage. And for the third boss? Well, it strikes all the heroes for about 15,000 HP and stuns them.

IGG is changing the HB rewards so each player gets HBs in proportion to the damage she deals to the boss, with an initial HB reward for joining the fight and a significant multiplier (3x to 5x) if the boss is defeated. Each level of boss yields about 2x the HBs as the previous boss.

Castle Clash Boss Fight Bug

A couple of times, I’ve been able to last a full round with the boss because he gets stuck walking toward my bait hero. This seems to be a bug connected to the Slow Down talent. When the boss is slowed, he can get trapped in a loop, which allows all my heroes to go nuts for the full round. Here’s a screenshot of it with 3 seconds remaining:


Here’s what kind of damage I was able to do:


However, this bug was fixed starting with the “raining hearts” February 2014 code update. TRAGIC.

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  1. Hi

    Very clear. I have a question…. How do you reach everybody in your guild to make an appoinment at wat servertime you fight?
    I send out messages in the guild, but people don’t get them….

  2. It’s not easy! Castle Clash does need a simple message system for guilds, and the space they give for announcements is MINISCULE. Our primary method is this website, and we also have a Facebook group for those who like Facebook. We pick a logical schedule and we stick to it, and after a slow start it now happens quite naturally. It doesn’t hurt that our top 5 players can probably defeat T3 by themselves.

  3. I have almost 4pages of guild members on for boss every day,my heavy hitters start at 50million damage,how can I spread the ins better with so many members on?

  4. Hey sorry for the delay!
    It’s not easy esp since it’s very difficult to leave msgs (or even IM) for other guild members. We have emails and LINE to communicate offline. I’d start collecting that kind of info for your members so you can set up a schedule.

  5. Can only the leader choose which boss to challenge? I’m the vice-leader, and we’ve been doing the level 2 since i joined a month ago.

    He’s too easy for my guild members, and they’re all wanting to move up to level 3, but i can’t figure out how to do so. I can only set a time for level 2 (can’t even bump down to level 1 if i wanted).

    Is the leader the only one with the authority? He hasn’t been online for a battle since i joined, and with hlw the chat deletes messages as soon as you leave, i can’t leave him anything to ask.

  6. Sorry to hear it… I think you’re kind of stuck until you can cause a change of leadership. Try to talk to him and persuade him to make you leader and him a vice. It’ll help if the other members are harassing him as well (and that’s a good way to redirect the unhappiness to him!).

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