Does A Smurf Account Mean Gold and Mana On Demand?

Update: Pepsi and I think IGG has smurfed the smurfers, and now raiding an account that is linked to your own will bring in a fraction of the usual gold and mana. FYI.

Castle Clash pundits like SandSeven7 say that a “smurf” account – a secondary Castle Clash account that you farm for gold and mana – is a great technique for getting the resources you need when you need it. It makes sense: a lot of the resources in CC come in over time (mana, gold, HBs) with little or no effort. The grinding comes from shards and trying to advance fast enough to keep things fun. If you’re not concerned about fun, that account can accumulate gold and mana quickly. Too bad you can’t raid for HBs!

I haven’t tried this but it seems pretty doable. There are some downsides, though.

Getting a secondary account is easy – you just need another gmail account, and you can tap the gear icon in the bottom left to switch to it.

Once you do, you’re logged in like a brand new player. The idea is that you can build up this smurf account and raid it repeatedly for a wealth of gold and mana. If you get on the right schedule, you can raid it several times (each for slightly less) and then raze the base so that the smurf account has a shield for 8 hours. After 8 hours, you come back and raid it again. You could even disable your defenses by moving your vaults into the open, raid it, and then move them back.

The trick, of course, is that you need to be able to find the smurf account on a regular basis. We recommend you raid your smurf account immediately after setting it up — i.e., when it’s at the very bottom of the might rankings and thus very easy to find. Then you can log into the smurf account and return the favor from the battle log. The battle log refreshes often (24==48 hours?) so you have to keep attacking to avoid losing that connection.

Here’s SandSeven7’s video. He glosses over certain elements and talks about a number of other topics – if you have any questions just comment below and I will explain.

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  1. oh that wasn’t me. but yeah, in the old days, walls contributed to your might, and low might meant easier competition in PvP raids. now this is not true and high might earns daily rewards.

  2. Hi, I created a smurf account with the idea that I can give it away to someone in my guild. I created a new email address for it of course, and logged out of my old one which is linked to the iTunes Store. What happens when I give the account away? My fear is that when I log back into my account, which has all my credit card details linked to it, the person with my smurf will be able to purchase gems with my details. How can I play on my main account and give someone my smurf and ensure that there are no credit card details attached? I know I can log out of the iTunes Store, but what happens the next time I want to buy music or something? Will logging in to iTunes Store give the smurf guy access to my credit card?

  3. That’s a toughie. If your new email address was truly just created for this smurf, you should be ok. But if you used that new email address with your credit cards, you want to make sure to log in to any account tied to that email and nuke all the details. With control of that email, anyone who gets it (or gets access to it) can just request a new password and cause havok. If you’re not sure, you’re better off just making another smurf account or forgetting the giveaway. :(

  4. Hi guys, I’m stuck because I have a really good CC account on my android phone but I recently got an iphone4s and want to swap accounts but it there isn’t a switch button. please help.

  5. Yep… I had this problem too. You can use the gear button (bottom left in Castle Clash) to contact IGG support about it, but I think this may never get fixed. Try running Bluestacks to play the game on a PC (google it; it’s free).

  6. Hii….
    Is switching means to transfer gems and shards one account to another??..pls replay…..

  7. Hi. I am having problems installing bluestacks for pc, when I open the program it stays on the loading startup page. Please help

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