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Game Writers Can Sell Out Too

The game writer blog you’re reading was built for the edification of the game-playing public and the self-amusement of its founders. However, that doesn’t mean that these game writers aren’t immune to the call of mammon. In fact, you could argue that it’s impossible for a game writer to “sell out” – it’s like accusing an advertising writer of selling out. Or is it?

Why Hire a Game Writer

A game writer may be a missing – and inexpensive – piece in your game development puzzle.

“My guys can write!” you cry. “We don’t have time or money to bring in some pretentious game writer!”

It’s very possible that your designers and producers can write well. But would you put them up against a professional writer? Do they have the time and focus to polish their writing to the point where it transcends genre and cliche?

Game writing is a tricky beast. Everyone thinks they can write for games, but very few can do it well.

The same goes for novel writing. Everyone thinks they have a truly brilliant novel in them. How hard can it be? We were all taught to write in grade school, right? Well, if you’re at all sympathetic, you’ve probably read some of your friends’ novels. Perhaps even a novel written by one of your development guys.

Is that the kind of writing you want in your game?

The Dual Nature of Game Writing

The fact is, very few game developers have top-notch writing skills. You’ve doubtlessly seen many examples of failure in games that you’ve played.

At the same time, very few pure game writers have worked in game production as game designers or even ancillary roles. You need someone who can do what’s needed without any extra muck-about – someone who can immediately click in and work as a member of the team.

Our primary game writer is truly a dual threat. He’s been a credited game designer on seven published titles, and yet has years of experience as a technical, marketing, and creative writer. His awards include a Gioia Award from the Stanford University literary journal Sequoia and a semifinalist placement with the Writer’s Film Project, a five-student, one-year screenwriting program founded by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. He’s also one of the editors of Space Squid, a mini-magazine of funny sci-fi that just won a “Best of Austin” award from the Austin Chronicle.

If you need a game writer, or if you’re curious about how a writer might change the face of your game project, please contact us for a free game writing discussion. Or if you simply want to buy this game writer blog… well, as they say, make us an offer we can’t refuse!

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