Free Austin videogame class for kids of color


Our friend Kendra is hosting a Video Game Coding Workshop with Instructor M. James Short for kids age 11 to 15. Her goal in preparing this workshop is to expose kids of color to professionals in the tech industry. 

This workshop is meant to connect kids (who now see themselves portrayed in movies involving technology that changes/ saves the world) to real professionals in a tech/coding field. 

She had 12 spots open for kids 11 to 15 to participate in a weekly videogame coding workshop from February 6th to March 6th 2019. All technology will be provided for this FREE workshop, first come, first served, open to the public. The workshops will be held every Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm at Carver Branch Library. 

Please RSVP to There are always 12 spots open each week, so if a child does not get to fully participate one week, they can come back for another week. Likewise, participants are not obligated to participate every week. 

Each week students will focus on a different lesson regarding the process of making their very own videogame, and they will be instructed by a professional videogame designer as they create their own game.


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