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Get the game! You can now play the entirety of our Steam JRPG, The Peloran Wars, on your PC by downloading the game from David Nguyen’s site here. For the best experience, maximize the window after launch. 

You can easily miss a lot of the story if you don’t talk to the characters after each level. So after completing a level, in the camp, make sure to move Pascal around and talk to the other party members.

David built Peloran Wars using RPG Maker, and although it features a lot of great music, it doesn’t have custom art. I advised him to create custom art, but there was no budget or time. So… it looks a bit dated and stock like an RPG Maker JRPG. If you can’t see past that, it’s probably not the game for you.

David was one of my game development clients, and a repeat client at that (I also assisted him with the script for the sequel, The Tower of Brax). Obviously, he’s a talented developer with a lot of passion for classic RPGs. Unfortunately, he experienced some serious developer regret and ended up pulling Peloran Wars and Brax from Steam because he felt they weren’t competitive. I blame the stress of negative reviews, technical support, and his own high standards. For the size of the team and budget, I think David should be proud. He did this all on his own, while in school (!). Yes, I gave him a discount on the work, of course.

In any case, play the game and tell us what you think using the comments form! And if you get a chance, send David some encouragement on his blog or on our Peloran Wars page on Steam.


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