Gaming and Safe Sex

Game Writer Central Welcomes Michelle B. To Our Game Writing Team

Michelle, our new game writer, will be making her first splash here soon with an interview of one of the owners at Pinballz, an independent videogame arcade that’s making a serious go of it in these tough times.

In fact, Pinballz opened in November 2010. 2010 isn’t when most big companies started to flee the videogame arcade business – it’s when most big companies had already fled and the dust had settled. Pretty ballsy, pardon the pun.

Videogames Made Easy

Anyhow, keeping things at a base level, here’s Michelle’s micro-review of Dragon Age: “I’m just playing Dragon Age so I can sleep around! I’m not sure that is the goal of the game. :)”

Hmm. I’m not sure if this will put parents at ease about their kids’ videogaming habits, or whether it will cause greater concern. But no one can say that Game Writer Central does not support safe sex. Stay tuned for a much more substantial article from Michelle.


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