Is The Google Car Kind Of A Jerk? And A Cool Inventor

Some robot news for you today. ZDNet reports that the Google Self-Driving Car has caused its first accident by assuming a bus would yield, aka by kind of cutting it off.

The early reports on the Google Car said that it was perhaps too hesitant and polite, causing it to be the recipient of road violence (rear-endings) rather than the dispenser of same. Maybe Google engineers need to turn the asshole knob down a notch now.

Reminds me of this Google car I saw parked in an Austin lot in a rather questionable fashion:

google car

And in other robotics news, I discovered this hilarious inventor today. She’s like a sober, Arduino-happy version of My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart with all the genial charm and¬†three times the geek chic. Pure win, especially watching her absorb abuse from her own creations.

I do fear that some people will criticize her for making “frivolous” gadgets, but I applaud her (get it?) for showing that technology can be fun and accessible. Plus I am fully aware that her skill with a breadboard is well beyond mine.


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