A Web Win-Win: We Win a Gig, You Win a Car

web-win-winCheck Out Our New Project and Win a Car

Yup, it’s a web win-win situation. I landed a web game writing project recently, and it’s now hit the inter-web-nets. I was a contributing writer on Toyota/Scion’s new web game, Unlock the tC, which highlights the Scion tC.

I can say, as objectively as I can, that the tC does seem like a sweet little ride. It’s the sporty car in the Scion line, and you can actually win trip to LA and a shot at a free tC in the web game if you crank on all of the objectives.

Hey, This Web Game Has Hardly Any Writing

The tC web game is fairly complex, containing multiple mini-games and a lengthy cross-country journey rife with decision points. But you might notice that… uh… there’s not a lot of game writing in it. And that’s intentional.

Instead of writing quantity, this web project was more of a challenge in terms of tone, style, functionality, and variety. Since it’s not a full RPG, there are certain points where we couldn’t assume the player has done action A, and other points where we couldn’t force the player to do action B. The writing always had to be performed with an inherent understanding of the web game’s underlying technical structure.

At the same time, we wanted to provide the player with lots of choices and capture the real flavor of a rip-roaring cross-country adventure. The player’s actions needed to be logical within the fictional framework. The visuals had to be fresh and the voice did too. We’re pretty pleased with the results. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Even If You Don’t Win the Web Game…

When creating the web game, we also tried to encourage gamers to visit the sister site scionav.com as much as possible. If you have a moment, take a peek, because it has a lot of cool art, music, and video, including several albums worth of free MP3 downloads from top DJs.

Many thanks to the client/production company, Haley Miranda Group, for the opportunity to work on this project.


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