Zynga’s Words With Friends. I’m a word guy, obviously, and I can’t help playing this game against friends and strangers. It’s crowdsourced word puzzles, really.

But why, Zynga? Why does your QC have to be so utterly lousy? Why are you so hellbent on proving you couldn’t care less about this marquee property?

Here’s example #1: The word of the day recently was “whore.” Inappropriate word to feature, obviously, and also not exactly a word of special interest. Today’s word is “oi”. The definition: “oy.” Not exactly something you’re going to tweet out to all your friends.

IMHO, Zynga has the WOTD on “randomize” without anybody on staff bothering to eyeball it for the .5 seconds it requires to pick something fun and family-friendly.

Example #2: the definition and example sentence for the word KEEF. Do you know what a KEEF is? I didn’t, and here’s what WWF had to say about it.

wtf wwf

Thanks for nothing, WWF and Zynga.

P.S. It’s the resin glands of cannabis. Bonus drug reference for you.

More examples in the gallery below. Words With Friends is just a hot mess of fail.



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  1. It’s a while later, but it looks like they heard you. When Prince died, words-of-the-day that week included “prince” and “purple”. Today, the Tuesday after the Orlando mass murders, it’s “pulse”. Not random, I’d say!

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