A Game Study and a Game Writer Question

Videogames have endured a lot of scrutiny in recent years. Games cause antisocial behavior. Games cause psychosis. Games cause incontinence!

We have some good news on the public relations front, game writing aficionados. Word from The Atlantic is that games, especially games with a physical aspect, might be an antioxidant of sorts for aging minds.

“But the benefits may extend beyond just fun and games — studies are also showing that these exergames — video games that encourage physical activity — are also proving to help with depression, sense of place and relevancy.”

So as we head into the holiday season, folks, be kind to your loved ones. Don’t bring a fruitcake home on your vacation — take your Wii, Kinect, or Playstation Move instead.

Hi! I’m not sure if you answer questions – but I’m not sure where to go. Is it okay to go back and forth between 2nd person (you/your) and 3rd person (each player) when writing a manual? I am trying to edit a manual for a friend and I have no idea. Thank you. – AlishaWe also received a game manual writing question recently and decided it might be worthwhile to share it so you can see an example of a challenge you might face if you were writing game documentation:

Here is the core of our response:

I am fairly certain this is fine. Game manuals are very utilitarian documents. The alternatives (“you and your coplayer”, “you and Player 2”, “you and your buddy”) are usually distracting and awkward.

Thanks, Alisha… we hope to see your trading card/board game on the market soon!



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