The Austin Videogame Writer Liked on YouTube: Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower by Maggie Gallant

Your Austin game writer thought you might appreciate this video: Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower by Maggie Gallant.
Welcome to the streaming encore of Hyde Park Theatre’s September 2019 production of Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower, written and performed by Maggie Gallant and directed by Ken Webster, documented for video by Eric Graham. The showing is free–but it’s been a rough year for theater, so if you feel like kicking in, we’re enormously grateful for any amount–and it’s tax deductible. Donate by credit card or Venmo @Katherine-Catmull. The video is made available through the kind permission of the copyright holder, Maggie Gallant, and will be available through June 19, 2021 only.

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