Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Can You Write for a Living? And Job Listings

Writing for a Living: Fact or Fiction?

In my writing group, I’m know for being fairly unproductive. In fact, my fellow writers tend to mock me with good reason for my sluggishness. I read their work and keep up with critiques, but there have been months-long and perhaps even years-long hiatuses in my own production stream.

Today I came across this interesting post by a writer I’ve never heard of, Dean Wesley Smith. He identifies five plausible income streams and a baseline level of productivity to reach a $40,000 per year income level.

I personally have about zero name recognition as a writer, so perhaps this is already out of my league. However, I believe we do live in an era where success means building multiple resilient income streams. Perhaps one of my smaller streams could be my writing. Perhaps a token income from my writing would help me solve the productivity problem.

And If That Fails, Here Are Some Job Listings From My Friend at SpareFoot

Also, Austin’s SpareFoot is hiring, and my pal Rachel can help you get in the door if you are looking. They’re primarily seeing programmers, but there are two project management roles in the batch. Definitely seems like a strange unique fun place to work.


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