Let’s Collaborate

Got a project that needs a bit of a boost? Or got some talent or equipment that needs exercise? You’ve come to the right place.

Like you, apparently, the Game Writer Guy (me) has a few (precious few) focused skills and connections, plus a bucket full of interesting ideas and projects that need love and the right contributors to kick them over the top. Let’s match up and make some art. Or commerce. Or junk. Sound good?

I can offer this:

  • Writing, scriptwriting, and editing
  • Game design and level design advice and help
  • Photography knowledge; image and video editing skills
  • Motion graphics skill (good for making film titles)
  • Search marketing, local search, and e-commerce consulting
  • Several finished short scripts ready for production
  • Some acting and voiceover experience
  • Website construction and marketing expertise
  • Cool t-shirts
  • Fun office equipment props for use or destruction
  • Connections to talented people in the above fields, if I believe your cause is just and your heart is pure

I am looking for the following people, and can actually pay for qualified ones*:

  • Actors, voiceover actors, crew, designers, editors, directors, producers, composers, cinematic visionaries
  • Artists (traditional or digital) interested in collaborating on graphic novels, comics, or films
  • Wits and dilettantes for distracting banter, mutual website improvement, and jokewriting
  • Writers for a speculative and humor fiction journal I contribute to
  • Spanish-speakers interested in helping to translate new Mexican science fiction
  • Smart, industrious people looking for a creative environment
  • Networkers and investors

Projects I’d like to promote or expand (not all of them mine):

Of course, time is a scarce resource so I can’t promise anything. But try me — and if I like your project and your attitude I’m happy to connect you with the amazing talented people I know. (No sponges please.)

Life’s short. Let’s make it more beautiful.

* Usually on a contract basis for project work.

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  1. So, I’m actually a mechanical engineer, but I have a strong desire to develop Android games that can be sold for .99 cents in the Google marketplace. I also have some other ideas.

    I currently play the crap out of Castle Clash and would love to develop stuff with the same draw that gets so many people involved.

    Hit me up if you’re interested.


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