Bing Wants You To Eat a Motsu Pod

motsu-podAs some of you know, I do a fair amount of work in the world of Local SEO or “LSO”. That is, I help clients optimize their data so that they appear in map search engines for phrases like “Detroit florist.”

Today I was greatly amused by some of the categories Bing provided for businesses to self-categorize. (For you LSO geeks out there: they now accept a bulk feed, by the way.) You may not know what a motsu pod is, much less have a yearning to sink your teeth into one. Google doesn’t know what it is, and neither does Wikipedia. However, if you have a motsu pod restaurant, Bing has a business category just for you.

Here are some other categories that you could dominate on Bing:

  • Shabu shabu restaurant
  • Oden restaurant
  • Ship restaurant (is this a restaurant on a ship? a restaurant shaped like a boat? an obscure cuisine? or just a restaurant that serves planks and rigging?)
  • Andhra restaurant
  • Beef tongue restaurant.

Don’t get me wrong — I do enjoy beef tongue. It’s probably my second-favorite choice at the local burrito place. But have you ever seen a restaurant that specializes in beef tongue? What would such a restaurant be called? Cow Tongue Muscle Garden? The Cattle Lick? Bessie’s Busses?