Once Upon a Time in Kyiv

Once upon a time, there was a giant hero, Ironfist the Eternal, the son of a radioactive general. A fighter by nature, he became a world champion and reigned in three different decades. He was never defeated in any fight, except those that took place on a chess board, and was known by the name […]


How to Do Text Forwarding with Google Voice

Forward Google Voice Messages to SMS/Your Cellphone Google Voice just turned off “message forwarding to linked numbers” and yeah, that’s a big deal. Thanks a lot, Google. But there are some workarounds — less than ideal, but workarounds — that I’ve yet to see written up so it’s not quite time to give up on […]


Red Dead Online Sale: $5 for 3 More Days

Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online sibling, is a remarkable $5 on all platforms until the 15th. It’s also backwards compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you’ve always wanted to horse around in the Old West like a GTA gansta, is RDO it worth it? What’s it like and what’s […]


Cracker Jack Prizes Are Dead, Slain by Crap Webgames

Cracker Jack snacks used to be a real treat when I was a kid. Peanuts and caramel popcorn, hell yeah! And the prizes, though they were always cheap, were sometimes a delight. I remember getting a little plastic magnifying glass that was useful and fun, and little toy planes and cars. I picked up a […]


Civilization VI: Loads of Depth and Bugs

Civ 6 Is Such A Mixed Bag You know, the concept of casting the videogame player as an entire culture in the Civilization games is just brilliant, pure genius. The Civ VI intro cinematic captures the quest for human progress perfectly: the wide-eyed optimism and ambition that encapsulates all the bold and impossible achievements our […]


Fake Videogame Companies

Fake videogame companies are now a thing, and it’s no real surprise to anyone who’s been watching the industry for a minute. Like many other crazy videogame wannabes, this Mahal guy got too greedy, pulled a Theranos (aka his lies and ego were the only thing of value that he was peddling), and screwed all […]


Viral Video Shows Soccer Kid Shining for Playstation 5

This viral video charms you pretty good. The kid’s excitement is palpable yet he goes about the task like a craftsman. I’m not sure what the father’s saying at the beginning about “just once.” The whole feat is three a row. Apparently the kid did it in one go, too. There are only three balls […]


Alamo Drafthouse Introduces “Vertical Vision”…!

So the Alamo Drafthouse yesterday announced that with the support of director Paul Thomas Anderson, they are launching a new VERTICAL format theater in downtown Los Angeles. That’s right, they are turning widescreen on its head! Here’s the schematic: Or… should we be somewhat suspicious? I do love that schematic. But the release, dated 3/31/19, […]


Your Austin Videogame Writer Recommends Toilet Death Ejector – SNL

Your Austin Videogame Writer has been surfing the deep video rabbit holes and this is what he turned up!Introducing a toilet seat for the elderly to spare them the embarrassment of being found dead on the toilet.

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