Square’s Login UX Sucks. It’s Not You.

Square login public service announcement: it’s broken

Do you login to Square (squareup.com) regularly to do business? Maybe sell items or swipe a credit card using your phone?

Well, their login has been broken for awhile and here’s how.

First off, Square lets you choose to login either with your email or your phone number. WARNING: Your password’s simply not going to work if you try to login with your phone number. I’ve tried it, today in fact. This function is apparently 100% dysfunctional.

Don’t try it because it’ll just tell you you got your password wrong even if you nailed it using a password tool, like I did.

Square’s login email authorization’s broken too

What do you try next? You click that “Forgot password” link and start waiting for that reset email with the annoyingly short lifespan. Guess what? I’m still waiting for mine. I think Square’s login verification mail server is broken or hammered or misconfigured.

It’s just a sign of the times that a major e-commerce component like Squareup.com has such bad UX and security testing. If you use Square, be warned.


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