Game Writer’s Deal Alert: 75% Off at Amazon

Your Friendly Game Writer Brings Year-End Dealz

So… if you’re thinking of picking up GTA4, Bioshock 2, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, or a variety of other PC blockbusters, you might want to eyeball Amazon’s year-end game downloads. They’re up to 75% off for a limited time. The big shockers are $5 each for GTA4 and Bioshock 2.

Note, of course, that pickings might be slimmer for Mac owners, and that this is only for downloadable videogame titles, not console games.

“Participating publishers include 1C, Atari, Capcom, Focus Home, Meridian4, Southpeak, Tilted Mill, N3V, bitComposer Games, DreamCatcher, and Sigma-Team.”

Happy New Year from your friendly neighborhood game writer!

Amazon’s Year-End Game Deals Page


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