npesp32.dll: A Virus False Alarm

Beloved geeks,

Just a quick note about npesp32.dll, a little-known and horribly undocumented Windows DLL. For some reason, my antivirus program, the unremarkable but free AVG, took a disliking to npesp32.dll, tagging it as the host for the “Generic22.BYCR” virus.

I quarantined it and fortunately did not delete it, because shortly thereafter, both iTunes and Windows Explorer started to complain about their lost friend. Then I ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to see if it concurred about the npesp32.dll sitch, and the answer was a big NO.

This happened a few months ago, so hopefully AVG has updated their databases. If not, well, hopefully you find this post and avoid deleting this DLL.

Your pal,

Game Writer Guy



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