How to Harvest LR41 Watch Batteries from Junk Mail

In the Geek Skills category of Game Writer Central, I’m happy to announce this new lifehack: converting junk mail into value…!

LR41 Watch Batteries in Your Mailbox

free-watch-batteriesIf you’re in the right neighborhood, you’ve been getting an occasional giant postcard with a little plastic “sweepstakes” gadget attached, like this one. Mine comes from my local generous Nissan dealer. In theory, you pull out the tab from the gadget and it’ll show you your winning sweeps number or whatever.

If you’re like me and you don’t want to buy a new car, you are tempted to pitch this advertisement. Don’t!

The Gadget Is Junk

Admittedly, the gadget is not even the secure electronic device it’s designed to emulate. The digital display is actually fake; there are no LED digits and the number is the same for every single recipient.

free-watch-batteryHowever, it is a lighted display and the little unit does have an LED light to illuminate. And that display is powered by two shiny new LR41 watch batteries.

If you get one of these ads, don’t pitch it until you pry the gadget open and salvage those nice batteries…! Ordinarily these sell for about $1 to 3 each. If you can’t use them, give them away to friends or on Craigslist. Enjoy!


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