We Won a Best-of-Show ADDY!

A decades-old Best of Show ADDY Award? We just got one! What a weird feeling.

space squid

Back in 2010, your Game Writer Guy worked with Haley Miranda as the primary writer for a Scion (Toyota) webgame centered around the tC coupe. The project was difficult but fun, the client was happy with the result, bills were paid, and everyone rode off into the sunset.

We’ve inserted a sample gameplay screen here, which is linked to our favorite scifi/humor literary rag, Space Squid (obviously an influence on the content.)

The thing no one remembered to mention to us was that the project went on to win a Best in Show ADDY that year at the American Advertising Federation conference in Rochester. Here’s a summary of the escapade, which I pulled from the LinkedIn profile of one of the team members:

HMG helped Scion/Toyota fuel excitement for the launch of their next-generation tC coupe with a multi-dimensional immersive online game that drew over 60,000 targeted players. The 8-week story-driven journey across the U.S. challenged players with skill-based games, scavenger hunts, and real-world missions. Scion music, art, racing and lifestyle communities were heavily integrated into game play to ensure interaction with the brand culture. Top scoring players were flown to Los Angeles to compete in a live version of the game for a chance to win the new Scion tC.

Over 60,000 unique visitors
Stage-to-stage retention rate of over 94%
Returning visitors spent 5+ minutes on the site
3.5+ million Google results
Best In Show, American Advertising Federation (ADDY)

And here’s a link to the Addy awards page describing the win, with detailed commentary on the game from the judges.

So… congrats to us and everyone on the Unlock team! We are (or were) #1!


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