Real Telepathy: Telepathy Is Here Now… With A Little Help

Real telepathy? Believe it, baby. NPR is reporting that telepathy is actually a reality, thanks to computers and some researchers at the UW Seattle Center for Neurotechnology.

That’s correct: people are communicating brain-to-brain right now. They’re not even in the same room, and they’re telling each other how to play Tetris blind. It’s slow, it’s a little clunky, and it requires a fair amount of computer-aided hardware, but it’s telepathy all right.

Don’t believe me? It might look a little like playing Pong in a disco, but it’s REAL TELEPATHY with video evidence. Check it out below.

Did you see the strong magnets they’re holding near the head of the receiver guy? That’s what creates the golden glow in his visual field, and that’s what you should keep away from your reproductive organs at all costs.

You can imagine how a little miniaturization and faster processing speeds could make this magical pretty quickly. Coming soon to a blackjack table near you: real telepathy! If the weird hairpiece on the girl in the next seat starts to buzz, fold ’em like they’re hot!


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