Free Football Videogame for Texas Gamers

Free football videogame? No joke!

It’s Superbowl time, and that means Texas’ Game Over Videogames, a game store that specializes in vintage and retro games (but also sells current games), is having their annual football game giveaway.

This Saturday and Sunday, gamers can visit one of their locations for a free football videogame as long as it’s ticketed at $9.99 or less. No strings attached. No purchase required.

Since football videogames lose their value so fast (as you’ve probably noticed), thanks to the annual updates, some of these freebies are probably quite current. As of this writing, their website lists Madden 11 and Madden 12 for PS3 as both being in this category, although you should also know that their online store does not match their in-store inventory.

You can visit their website here. Game Over Videogames has locations in Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos, San Antonio, and Houston.


Xbox LIVE Gold: Free for a Weekend

Free Xbox LIVE Gold Status for a Limited Time

Xbox LIVE users, get on the stick. Microsoft’s announced that the premium status Xbox LIVE Gold status is being extended to all Xbox LIVE users on the weekend of January 28th to the 31st, 2011. It’s kind of a “you didn’t spend enough on Christmas, so try Gold and maybe you’ll loosen up” promotion.

Thanks, Uncle Bill (Gates)!

The free Xbox LIVE Gold announcement at Microsoft’s

game-writer-sam&maxAnd Since You Evidently Like Free Gaming

You might also be interested in downloading Sam and Max Episode 104 from Telltale Games. These guys are reviving that classic Lucasarts manic adventure gaming feel, and this game writer says they’re doing a pretty darned good job of it.

Episode 104 is solid – I’m 90% through and have actually LOLed a few times. Yes, it happens. You know it’s good times when you’re tasked with killing a giant berserk Abe Lincoln. You also get to rig furry psychopath Max up to win the emergency presidential election that is required after you accidentally, uh, incapacitate the previous president.