Castle Clash Bugs and Suggestions

Castle Clash Bugs and More

Here’s my hotlist about things that are broken or subpar in Castle Clash… and how we can get IGG to fix them. Comment below if you like!

Pathetic Boss Fights

Honestly, the boss fight is some horrid game design. No terrain, one uber-powerful foe, no strategy, no variety. The core Castle Clash design (no unit control) makes this challenging for a game designer, but certainly more could be done here. What if the boss fight were more of a tag team raid design, with a health and energy display for all heroes on the side? You can only put in one or two heroes at a time, and the boss is defending a base that you try to destroy? What if there were multiple weaker bosses, and respawning troops?

Another idea I have is for a king-of-the-hill or CTF mode with multiple bosses. And I see no reason why we couldn’t have two players’ heroes on screen fighting together and cooperating, with color indicators to show whose heroes are whose. The lack of evidence of guild cooperation is pretty pathetic.

The boss fight gameplay is really non-existent. Put in your heroes and watch them fight or die. Zero control except to bail out of the fight. It’s more exciting to watch fish feeding.

Griffins/Dragons Have No Real Counter

Sure, archers and towers help, but for mid-level players griffins are unaffected by cannons, walls, and bombs. In my opinion the game is broken when air rushes are largely indefensible. I believe the game needs a “griffin trap” that can be used to blast griffin rushes.

If you agree, please click the gear at the bottom left of your screen, SEND A TICKET, and ask for a “air mine” or similar solution.

Arena Battles Are Boring

Heroes are the key to advancing in Castle Clash, and you make your heroes advance via Honor Badges. You earn HBs through arena battles. And they are boring. Sure, there’s some strategy involved, but shouldn’t there be a little more excitement? Even something as simple as some random variations in the arena layout, or a few minor arena spells.

Ridiculous Naming

The misnomer that gets me most is the secondary talent named “Enfeeble.” The hero who has Enfeeble moves faster than default. What the heck? Enfeeble in the English language means “to make weak.” It does not mean “to make speedy.”

Similarly the talent “Revitalize” has nothing to do with the true meaning of the word (the restoration of health and energy). Rather it speeds up the hero’s first special “proc” attack.

The Marksman is female, but that’s defensible because “Marksperson” and “Markswoman” sound awkward.

The Atlanticore supposedly “deflects” damage as its special ability, but in reality it reflect the damage back at its attacker. That’s a big difference.

And the Succubus’ Death’s Lash ability is described as “damages target by x% of Max HP and reduces its attack by x% for 5 secs.” However, according to some good sources, the ability actually reduces these attributes for an entire troop type, not just one target.

User Interface

Castle Clash is full of clunky UI problems. As a guild leader the one that annoys me the most is probably the microscopic area given to post guild announcements and the buggy text interface for doing so. Chat is just as broken.

As IGG continues to roll out new game modes (like the Lost Realm!), the UI issues start to become even more pointed. I commend IGG for continuing to invest energy into expanding the game, and I like the fact that Castle Clash is now a virtual amusement park of thematically related mini-games. But navigating and learning these games is a crapshoot at times.

Hero Milking

Certain heroes are unbalanced and IGG has clearly decided that the best way to maintain player interest is to pump out a new legendary hero every 60 days or so and dangle it in front of the faithful in hopes that they will cough up real money to get it. Sometimes the new hero is imbalanced and causes havoc with established gameplay.

I do understand why legendaries are as powerful and difficult to get as they are. IGG has to make money someplace. But the tactic has to end somewhere; there are only so many heroes that you can have before they all become essentially anonymous and mystifying to new players.

Build Queue Stallouts

This problem used to be quite common, but it still shows up a fair amount. You’re building troops, but one unit gets stuck in the queue for a looooong time. Below is a screenshot set I took on Feb 26, 2014. As you can see, in the first pic, I’m supposed to build this queue in 3:15, starting at 23:48:33. That means I should have the queue finished by 23:51:48.


In pic 2, it’s 23:51:45, but it says I have 1:15 of building left. And yes, the one griffin that was in the queue three minutes before is STILL stuck in the queue.


Chat Spam (On Pause)

Clearly Castle Clash has a dire problem with chat spam and profane speech in the chat. Now that world chat’s been disabled, this is a non-issue, but they may reintroduce it. Kids play this game, for chrissake, and the game itself could get sued or banned for some of the stuff that can appear in chat.

If they do reintroduce world chat, which frankly I do not foresee anytime soon, I hope they include a “Flag User” feature.

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  1. Most annoying bug for me is…
    my saved base plans often get wiped – like when i add bombs, or the games crashes during HBM. Takes ages to setup a decent plan and IGG devs are not storing it safely.
    Damn frustrating!

  2. I am having trouble with”free” gems. Whenever i do a free thing, i dont get my gems. Ishould have over 200 gems right now, yet I only have five.

  3. I don’t understand how you can jump on a game and bash it when you have just started. The imbalance you talk about is a joke. If you think the druid is the end all you clearly haven’t seen the full game. and as far as the random arena crap and other sugestions of the like. It is a strategy game. By the time you take all the hero’s, The effects they have, their level, their skill level, their talent level, inscription level, artifacts, the way you build your base, spells you carry it may be more complex than you could manage. Maybe that’s why you had time to pick out little problems. If your an action game player go play that. My opinion is it’s one of the best tactical games I’ve played.

  4. Hey Skullramp, maybe don’t attack the OP so harshly? 19 months passed between his post and yours. Some of the features you are talking about weren’t part of the game yet and most of the legendary heroes weren’t created yet. Back then, getting a Druid was a big deal.

    You’re right that it’s about maximizing the resources you have available to edge out the competition. That’s what makes it fun for me. Although I do agree that there are numerous shortcomings in the game which IGG refuses to address.

  5. My daughter juts started this game an has already had two users approach her with sexual comments. On even going as far as asking for nude pics. She is only thirteen. This game only allows you to block 30 people and there is no way to flag these pedophilic users.

  6. Sorry to hear it! There are definitely some bad eggs out there in the online gaming community trying to prey on kids. It’s disgusting and I personally feel like IGG (the company who makes CC) has been slow and irresponsible in responding to problems, which makes it more of a haven for pervs. I’ve submitted problem reports to them several times via the gear icon (bottom left) and I like to think that my report pointing out legal vulnerabilities caused them to pull their old chat interface.

    Honestly if you are having problems you should encourage her to play something else. If that fails, have her change her username to something gender-neutral and offputting (like “UEO83902” instead of “CuteGirl17”). You can also try complaining at Good luck!

  7. Can’t collect my fragment piece and won’t let me play the game without doing so can u help me

  8. Does anyone else have the problem of only raiding players who have just started the game and barely have a base?

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