The Videogaming Dentist

Videogames for Dental Work

Gaming for drilling? This game writer doesn’t know how he feels about this one. Saw it on Craigslist in October 2009 and have held on to it until now to protect the innocent. Also I didn’t want to post too much on Game Writer Central and spoil all you faithful readers into unreasonable expectations.


The videogaming dentist says, “Im looking for someone who is willing to trade their PS3 for my dental services. I’m a (specialty) dentist with a practice in downtown (city) and Im willing to do dental work in exchange for your PS3. I specialize in all types of dentistry and Im really gentle.”

Heh heh. To be fair, in 2009, the PS3 was selling for about $325 and with the economy truly in the septic tank, not a lot of people were spending money on their teeth. And this poor guy had a downtown rent to pay. It reminds me of a strange conversation I had with my dentist in about 2005 when she called me to persuade me to come in for a checkup because business was slow. She didn’t convince me.

Videogamers have notoriously bad dental hygiene. Okay, okay, videogamers have notoriously bad hygiene.

Still, you gotta wonder. I’m sure I’ve had many a dental bill that was more than $325.

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