Gomez Airing This Weekend

Hello Indie Rock Fans

It’s time for your sporadic pop culture injection. This weekend, one of Austin’s proudest cultural institutions, Austin City Limits (the show), is airing the Gomez taping that this humble¬†game writer was fortunate enough to attend.

Gomez, for those unaware, is a talented, long-lived, guitar-heavy ensemble from Ol’ Blighty. They got this odd appellation from a note they left on the door at an early show for a friend named Gomez.

Below is a video of one of the best songs from the show. ACL titled it “Behind the Scenes,” but it’s not an interview. Instead it’s a cool format that mixes performance video with footage of the prep and walkon. It’s as if the band is playing the soundtrack for their own tour video. It also includes a pair of odd still shots, the first coming at 3:21 and lasting for about six seconds. I wasn’t expecting the video to grind to a halt after spending the first 3/4 of the video in pure motion. My first reaction was to suspect some kind of glitch. Interesting touch that I think could be more effective if it were used more consistently.

This episode broadcasts on January 7th, 2012 on Austin City Limits. Check your local PBS listings for schedule information.


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